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[KS6] Pycno Pulse Kickstarter Update 6

This is our sixth update for Pulse! Thank you guys for all the support and messages. As you know we are only a team of 2 people actively working on this trying to balance everything, so we appreciate your patience.

In the video below we discuss:

  • New design iterations (e.g New door and front of Pulse)
  • New rubbers
  • Shortlisted custom OLEDs
  • Mounting brackets - Going for metal stamping

Currently working on finishing the plastics for injection molding and waiting for some new PCBs and another Pulse prototype.


If you are not already in our Facebook group please consider joining to stay up to date with all the developments!


  • Thanks for the update and great to see the progress of this. I appreciate all the hard work happening in the background! Keep pushing as we’re excited to see the final product being born. Good luck and stay in touch.

  • Nice update video!!!!!! Looking forward for your next video ;)


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